This is an Arizona-based beer, wine and (most recently) food blog. I write reviews of local microbreweries and vineyards featuring classic elements like dick jokes, crazy characters and an unhealthy level of alcohol intake for a whole Mexican wedding, let alone one lonely drunk guy in a suit.

Established in 2014, this blog has received many accolades since its inception. Critics are calling it, “an obvious cry for help” and, “clear indication that this guy isn’t going to live to see 40.”

My username on Untappd is TheClassyAlcoholic. Add me.

My username on Instagram is TheClassyAlcoholic. Follow me.

My email address is theclassyalcoholic@gmail.com. Email me.

My Facebook page is called The Classy Alcoholic. Do what my parents never did and Like me.

One thought on “About

  1. CA, met you at your promo yesterday – talked to you about Camelback IPA. Apparently there are 3 breweries at same local & that Camelback is a stand alone.
    Im still waiting by the phone – for my raffle instructions.
    “Heres to health & wealth may you never doubt yourself”


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